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This website is made for entertainment purpose only and makes no guarantee for any of your wishes to be fulfilled. The website and the web development company of this site takes no responsibility of any mental, physical or any kind of trauma you may face while using this site.

All wishes (messages) submitted to the site are moderated by our team and only approves messages that are suitable for viewership by both adults and children. Messages of hate and violence, sex, religion, politics, arms and related are deleted without any second look.

We take no responsibility of any consequences that may occur to view or use this website.

Donations are accepted for the livelihood of the people behind the website and the expenses to run the same. 10% of the donated amount will be forwarded to CRY or Helpage India. The proof of the same will be displayed on the website.

We again like to stress that this website is purely for entertainment purpose and we take no guarantee for any of your wishes to be fulfilled. Your luck is your luck, we cannot change it.

Donations to NGOs
We donate equivalent of 1 cent (USD) to CRY or Helpage India towards each wish that is displayed on this website. Donations will be made on every 2000 wishes and the proof the the same will be displayed on this website at the MagicWand's page (coming soon)
* By policy - Names and Wishes are not displayed on this Website

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